EMAS Guide: Boost Your Business's ESG Performance

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The European Commission has embraced a fresh rendition of the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) User's Guide, a significant milestone in promoting global sustainability among organisations and mitigating their environmental footprints.

This latest guide caters to both current EMAS registrants and those aspiring to join the scheme, making it an invaluable resource for a wide spectrum of entities.

The reimagining of the EMAS User's Guide stems from a comprehensive consultation process, ensuring that it addresses the most pressing needs and concerns of organisations. This guide strives to enhance the clarity surrounding the registration process and offers a simplified yet comprehensive overview of the scheme's requirements.

In a nutshell, this guide illuminates the path for organisations to contribute to more sustainable production and consumption models. It delineates the step-by-step process for implementing the scheme, empowering both private and public economic entities to systematically enhance their environmental performance.

The guide underscores the advantages of this systematic approach, such as cost savings and legal compliance, enabling organisations to reduce their environmental impact, exert influence along their value chain, and effectively communicate their goals and accomplishments with the backing of third-party certified data.

Furthermore, this guide aligns itself with the latest adjustments to the EMAS Regulation, placing particular emphasis on core indicators and setting minimum standards for environmental statements made by organisations.

It streamlines the registration procedure for organisations with multiple similar sites, facilitating the use of sampling techniques and eliminating bureaucratic impediments, thereby expediting the registration process. Moreover, it takes a more user-friendly approach, incorporating a wealth of practical examples, best practices, and illustrative pictograms.

Notably, the guide underscores the synergies between EMAS and other legal requisites, most notably:

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Source: European Commission


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