EcoOnline Appoints New Global Head of ESG

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EcoOnline says that Helene Melby Brodersen will be taking over as its new Head of ESG & Sustainability. It is a big step in the company's efforts to strengthen and improve its ongoing ESG strategy and delivery both inside and outside the company.

The appointment comes after the organisation released its 2025 Sustainability Plan, which includes specific metrics to ensure EcoOnline's responsible operations, business ethics, and opportunities to make an impact. 

In her new job, Brodersen will make sure the company keeps its promises and stays focused on giving clients ESG solutions that work in the real world.

Brodersen has worked in public relations, marketing, and communication for more than 20 years. She also has a degree in sustainability from the BI Norwegian Business School. She was the Head of PR, Brand, and Communication at EcoOnline for ten years, where she committed her message to translating complicated topics into easy-to-read and engaging stories.

She is passionate about tying EcoOnline's solutions to the bigger goal of making workplaces safer and more environmentally friendly. By doing this, she helps businesses move beyond ESG strategy and start putting it into practice.

Businesses all over the world need to report honestly and clearly, which requires correct and complete data. Also, ESG and sustainability reporting is moving from being optional to being required. It means it will need the same level of oversight, control, accuracy, and auditability as financial reporting. Brodersen will be put into the Finance business unit, where she will report directly to EcoOnline's CFO.

CFO Siw Ødegaard, said: 

“I’m delighted to announce Helene’s new role. Her proven expertise in ESG, including a deep understanding of how best practices are implemented, shows that we are still committed to giving our clients the best digital ESG tools on the market. A long-time, passionate advocate for sustainability, her appointment will enhance, advance, and accelerate our ESG activity in years to come.”

Speaking about her new position, Brodersen said: 

“The opportunity to spearhead a purpose-driven ESG strategy for EcoOnline is an exciting next step in our long-term objective of embedding sustainability in all areas of our business. I’m looking forward to getting started and helping our customers build a case for sustainable practices through enhanced ESG reporting as a function of a digital EHS management system. Knowing that ESG compliance doesn’t have to be difficult, my focus will be to create a better and wider understanding of the correlation between ESG and a healthy and safe working environment.”

Source: Enterprise Talk

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