China Steps Up ESG Disclosure Requirements

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by KnowESG
Picture of the Chinese government introducing new regulations for companies on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure.

According to, China has increased its criteria for ESG disclosure requirements.

The country's banking and insurance regulators gave the strongest signal yet that promoting the green economy should be on the agendas of banks and insurers. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission came out with new suggestions for how banks and insurance companies can make plans, processes, and skills that will help them move toward a more sustainable future.

Typically, these policies change investors' duties to incorporate ESG factors into investment decisions and management as well as to consider beneficiary or client sustainability preferences. They must also report to their beneficiaries or clients.

According to, because the development of China's ESG market is in tandem with the development of the country's green finance market, discussing ESG policy is a no-no if the evolution of the country's green finance policies isn't kept in mind.

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Source: Nasdaq


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