Carton Service Receives FSC Certification as well as EcoVadis Silver Rating

Published on: 13 October 2022
by KnowESG
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The Forest Stewardship Council has awarded Carton Service CSI FSC accreditation. The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, is a non-profit group that has created a certification system to promote responsible forest management around the world. 

Company President Reid Lederer said: 

" We believe that though we are already a renewable packaging company (paperboard folding cartons being a renewable resource), customers need more support as they develop more eco-friendly packaging methods. In our almost 100 years of business, we have never had so many customer conversations about sustainable packaging. Our gable-top, direct food, and liquid packaging customers, in particular, are asking us to offer more green options for them. It is also why we developed a Cartons4REarth brand."

For a company to get FSC certification, it must follow all FSC standards, just like every other company in its supply chain. Carton Service achieved this accreditation by adhering to the FSC's environmental, social, and economic principles, as well as sourcing materials from organisations that do the same.

Carton Service aims to provide sustainable packaging solutions, and getting FSC certification is just one part of that. Carton Service made a plan in 2021 to be more environmentally friendly and have less of an effect on the world. In the plan, the company promised to get an EcoVadis rating by 2022. A silver certification has now been given to the company.

EcoVadis is the most trusted company in the world when it comes to rating how sustainable a business is. Carton Service got a silver rating because it did well in all four areas of assessment: the environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. 

"The Small Business Administration thinks of us as a small company, and we have all the customer benefits of a small company. However, we offer services, innovations, and products that are more like those of a big company. With two recent patents on our gable top cartons, we want to be a leader in the sustainable packaging industry, and we will partner with global organisations to make sure we offer environmentally sound practices mixed with innovative approaches,” said Reid Lederer.

Source: Healthcare Packaging

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