Bursa Greenlights Mandatory ESG Reporting

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Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad launched the Bursa Malaysia ESG Reporting Platform ("ESG Reporting Platform").

This innovative platform will serve as a repository for disclosures adhering to the prescribed format mandated by Bursa Malaysia's enhanced sustainability reporting requirements outlined in the Main Market Listing Requirements ("Main LR") and ACE Market Listing Requirements ("ACE LR") collectively known as "Listing Requirements," introduced on September 26, 2022.

Listed issuers will have seamless access to the ESG Reporting Platform through the Bursa LINK system at no additional cost. They can utilise this access to generate a concise performance table, which must be disclosed in their respective Sustainability Statements.

This performance table should encompass indicators and data relevant to the listed issuer's material sustainability matters, with guidance available in Bursa Malaysia's Illustrative Sustainability Reporting Guide ("ISR") for a clear visual representation of this requirement.

In conjunction with the launch of the ESG Reporting Platform, the Exchange has also released user guides and videos designed to assist listed issuers in navigating the available functionalities. Registered Bursa LINK users can conveniently access these resources.

Julian Hashim, Chief Regulatory Officer at Bursa Malaysia, emphasised the phased implementation of enhanced sustainability reporting requirements for Main Market and ACE Market listed issuers.

Accompanied by user guides and illustrative toolkits, this approach allows listed issuers time to familiarise themselves with the requirements. Hashim expressed satisfaction with the commendable progress made by many listed issuers in adopting enhanced disclosures related to sustainability practices even before the mandatory periods. This proactive stance positions Malaysian listed issuers favourably as the country raises the standard for more robust ESG disclosures in the coming years.

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