BIBA's New Guidance Encourages Members on ESG Journeys

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The British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) announced the release of new publications on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) for its members.

BIBA has observed that companies in the UK are facing mounting pressure and scrutiny from stakeholders, irrespective of their industry, to demonstrate their comprehension and management of ESG concerns. Insurance brokers are not an exception.

BIBA collaborated with law firm Weightmans to emphasise to its members of all sizes the advantages of integrating ESG considerations into their businesses.

BIBA CEO Steve White stated that ESG concerns are already a permanent item on their Boards' agenda and that they have established their own ESG policy to address the diverse needs of their members on this topic. However, they sought to assist any member, regardless of their objectives in this domain, with their ESG journey.

BIBA aims to assist its members in comprehending the direction of ESG travel and aiding them in incorporating ESG principles into their businesses, regardless of the stage of implementation they are in.

The digital guide is an evolving and dynamic resource that will be updated and modified as priorities change. The guide assists members in understanding the significance of ESG, establishing an ESG strategy and objectives, and monitoring, reporting, and continuously improving ESG outcomes.

The guide contains information on fundamental aspects of ESG policy implementation, which are known as "stepping stones." This approach allows firms to concentrate on the most relevant issues to their business at any given time. Additionally, a brief mini-guide accompanies the full guide, summarising the process and steps involved in the ESG journey.

According to Nick Barker from Weightmans, the guide provides tools to establish a strong foundation of ESG governance before exploring specific ESG Stepping Stones. It offers step-by-step guidance, starting from identifying stakeholders to completing an ESG materiality assessment and implementing an ESG plan. He added that the guide is a useful tool for any firm, regardless of its current position on the ESG spectrum.

The guide emphasises that incorporating ESG does not have to be a linear journey and can be adapted to fit a business's other priorities. The guides are accessible on the BIBA website, and printed copies of the mini-guide will be distributed at The BIBA Conference.

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Source: BIBA

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