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Atteline, a distinguished integrated communications agency originally founded and headquartered in the UAE, has introduced a new focal point on sustainability, reiterating its dedication to ecological and social responsibility across both its consumer and corporate sectors.

This momentous stride underscores Atteline's commitment to obtain B Corp certification by 2024, positioning the agency as the pioneering UAE-based integrated communications firm to secure this esteemed accolade.

The B Corp certification, a globally renowned benchmark, serves as evidence of a company's resolute commitment to upholding stringent benchmarks in social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Atteline is resolutely committed to seamlessly weaving sustainable practices into its business operations, catalysing a positive transformation within the communications arena.

Leading this fresh initiative and spearheading the organisation's sustainability aspirations is Malaika Fernandes, who assumes the role of Sustainability Ambassador and Strategic Counsel.

Fernandes says, "The launch of Atteline's Sustainability Division is a cause for celebration, driven by a fervent team with a vision to amplify benevolent voices and instigate meaningful change not just within the UAE but beyond its borders. By adopting more sustainable methodologies and striving for B Corp certification, our purpose harmonises with our actions, setting us on a journey of transformative impact. As a certified B Corp, we stand at the forefront of enterprises spearheading a global movement towards an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy, marking the dawn of a conscientious communication era."

Atteline's relentless pursuit of excellence in these domains has been fortified through significant endeavours, including:

  • Partnership with the United Nations: In 2023, Atteline joined forces with the United Nations as a partner agency, collaborating with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to champion awareness and advocacy campaigns addressing the displacement crisis in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This aims to secure additional support for those impacted by conflict, climate change, and other crises.

  • Decarbonisation and Carbon Reduction: Demonstrating proactive measures, Atteline champions the decarbonisation of its staff's carbon footprint via a comprehensive monthly carbon reduction plan. This involves supporting key projects that accelerate climate action and minimise the carbon footprint of employees' personal and professional lives.

  • Transparency and Digital Assets: Atteline embraces complete transparency by showcasing its climate action initiatives through an online sustainability platform. This platform features a customised widget that offers real-time updates on CO2 offsetting and tree planting, fostering openness in its sustainability efforts.

  • Pro Bono Work and Social Impact Campaigns: A history of impactful endeavours includes partnering with pro bono client Azraq, a marine conservation non-profit in the UAE, and undertaking campaigns with a social purpose, such as Gulf for Good. Atteline continues to collaborate with governmental bodies, charities, and other entities to effect transformative change.

To supplement these initiatives, Atteline nurtures a forward-thinking workforce culture through progressive employee programmes such as a hybrid work model, mental health first aid training, inclusive workplace design, and various forms of support for personal and professional well-being.

Sophie Simpson, Atteline's Founder and Managing Director, explains that the establishment of a dedicated sustainability division and the pursuit of B Corp certification align with the company's unwavering commitment to lead in social and environmental performance. She emphasises the significance of transparency and accountability to ensure Atteline's business practices serve as positive agents of change.

"In a region where B Corp-certified companies are relatively scarce, our alignment with B Corp principles signifies our aspiration to establish new benchmarks for corporate responsibility. We invite other organisations to join us on this collective journey towards a more sustainable future for the UAE's communications landscape and beyond," Simpson states.

The attainment of B Corp Certification mandates Atteline to secure a minimum score of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment, undergo a risk review, adjust its corporate governance structure to accommodate the interests of all stakeholders, and ensure public accessibility of information pertaining to its B Corp Certification performance on B Lab Global's website.

Simpson concludes, "As we embark on this transformative journey, our commitment to championing purpose-driven brands and advancing sustainability through innovative communication strategies remains steadfast. Through the establishment of our sustainability division and our pursuit of B Corp certification, Atteline is poised to shape a more sustainable future for the communications industry, not only within the UAE but on a global scale."

As an officially certified B Corporation, Atteline commits to meeting elevated criteria for positive social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. This certification transcends the agency's services, evaluating the broader impact of the company and its employees on society and the environment.

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