ATG Introduces Carbon Reporting Through Squake Partnership

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The Dutch company ATG Travel Worldwide is connecting to the Squake carbon emissions platform so its clients can measure and offset their business travel's carbon footprint.

ATG said it planned to deploy the connection to Squake during the current quarter, which will provide carbon footprint estimations for air travel, hotels, bus, rail, and car rental usage based on “internationally recognised standards”.

The API also makes it possible for both ATG's online booking tools and its consultants to offer an offset option at checkout. This offset can be given to anyone the client wants, such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) providers.

Daniel Zetik, ATG’s vice president of customer solutions, said: “For companies that are serious about their environmental sustainability initiatives, we desired a sustainability partner that would not only power accurate carbon calculations but also provide a means for offsets.

“This new relationship provides ATG’s clients with a truly end-to-end solution, designed to achieve corporate goals by bringing emissions visibility into the booking & decision-making process at the traveller/booking level."

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The Squake platform was launched in 2021 as part of Lufthansa's Innovation Hub. ATG is set to become the first TMC to connect to the platform in this capacity.

Philipp von Lamezan, CEO of Squake, added: “It is critical to make it easier for corporations to enforce their sustainable policies. This is what our partnership with ATG is about, raising awareness through market-leading emission calculation and enabling climate positive impacts through carbon reduction, all in just a few clicks.”

ATG is also turning to artificial intelligence to set its Baldwin booking tool apart from its competitors. Baldwin, which launched in 2021 and is available to other TMCs, uses AI and big data to offer “a dynamic user experience”.

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