Virgio's Eco-Friendly Valentine's Collection

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KnowESG_Virgio's Eco-Friendly Valentine's Collection
Image courtesy of Virgio

Virgio, a clothing and accessories brand, launched a new sustainable collection for Valentine’s Day.

Their clothes are made from 100% recycled polyester, blending eco-friendliness with trendy Gen Z style.

CEO and co-founder Amar Nagaram explained, "We are all about fashion that is responsible and timeless. 'The Date' collection is not just about celebrating love; it is also about making smart choices. Using recycled materials shows young people how cool sustainable fashion can be. This collection is all about real love and making a positive impact."

Inspired by the iconic Moulin Rouge in Paris, the collection features classic red and black colours and lingerie-inspired designs turned into fun party outfits for women. You can shop the collection on Virgio’s website.

Virgio also cares about doing things right. They work with partners in India who share their values, ensuring their clothes are made ethically and sustainably. For Virgio, it is not just about fashion; it is about being open, honest, and kind to the planet in everything they do.

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