Sustainable Footwear Brand Rice Introduces Vegan Sneaker

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by KnowESG

Rice, a Spanish sustainable footwear brand, has launched a completely vegan sneaker. The all-black “Open21” is made from sustainable materials such as vegan corn and apple leather, organic cotton and recycled materials, and real rice grains: the outer sole has a visible rice texture.

The insole of the shoe is made of 15% rice waste from Spain, 30% recycled materials, and 55% synthetic rubber. The outsole is made up of 5% rice waste, 50% organic TPU, and 45% recycled materials.

The shoe's vegan 'leather' is made of 26% apple waste, 16% organic cotton, 38% PU, and 20% polyester. The heel part is made of 47% corn-based organic PU, 33% PU, and 20% organic cotton.

Two recycled plastic cups were used for the laces.

“The result is high-end footwear that combines tradition, Spanish craftsmanship, and a cool look. The sneakers are made in the EU,” explained Rice in a press release.

The brand was created in 2012 in Barcelona and released its first outer sole in 2017. The most recent collection is made entirely of rice, as well as recycled and sustainable materials.

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Source: Fashion United