Radisson Blu Resort Champions Sustainability in Fiji

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KnowESG_Radisson Blu Resort Champions Sustainability in Fiji
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The Radisson Blu Resort in Fiji is leading the charge in eco-friendly practices, with a clear goal of reducing their environmental impact.

General Manager Charles Homsy highlights their long-standing use of solar panels, which have been powering the resort for over a decade. However, they are not stopping there. Homsy says their commitment to a broader sustainability strategy, aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This ambitious target will be reached by decreasing reliance on fossil fuels like gas.

"Tourism plays a big role in Fiji," says Homsy. "The number of visitors nearly matches our population. This means a significant environmental impact from energy use and plastic waste. As an industry, we have a responsibility to minimise this impact."

Beyond solar power, the resort has implemented innovative water filtration systems in guest rooms. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in plastic water bottle usage, eliminating nearly 2,80,000 bottles per year.

Fiji's Tourism Minister, Viliame Gavoka, commends the resort's sustainability efforts, recognising their importance for current and future tourists. He sees this dedication to sustainability as a growing trend in the hospitality industry.

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