Palmetto Launches Platform to Accelerate Residential Clean Energy

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Palmetto announced the launch of a new enterprise platform offering that makes it easier for consumer brands, utilities, and other enterprise businesses to offer clean energy solutions to their consumers.

Christopher Kemper, CEO of Palmetto, said: 

"In today’s economy, managing a company’s environmental impact and carbon footprint is no longer just about meeting ESG standards but will have a growing impact on business models with the onsets of decarbonization goals, energy transition incentives, and other climate policies. Our new Clean Energy Software Platform gives businesses a single, comprehensive solution in this new reality."

Operating under a newly launched software and data-focused business unit, Palmetto’s Clean Energy Software Platform will partner with organisations that already serve residential consumers, such as real estate development and mortgage companies, consumer lenders, home improvement retailers, electric utilities, and financial services platforms.

The enterprise business unit will help its partners and clients achieve net zero decarbonization targets, increase customer lifetime value, and prepare them to enter the clean energy markets, particularly as new policies and legislation, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, make renewables an attractive business segment and consumer offering.

Kemper continued, “In the same way Shopify provides everything you need to start a business – procurement, inventory management, marketing, payments, shipping/logistics – Palmetto is extending its offering to enterprises, enabling businesses and retail platforms alike to sell clean energy products and solutions. This will not only significantly expand Palmetto’s footprint to end consumers but in doing so, accelerate clean energy adoption across the country.”

Palmetto’s enterprise solutions are expected to accelerate the company’s already strong growth trajectory. In the second quarter of 2022, Palmetto’s total revenue was up 138% YoY, driven by strong solar sales growth of 145% YoY.

Source: Geospatial World

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