Mootral Debuts World First Climate-Friendly Ice Cream

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Londoners will soon have the delightful opportunity to indulge in the world's first climate-friendly ice cream, thanks to a groundbreaking collaboration between British agritech company Mootral and Ruby Violet, an ice cream parlour located in London.

This innovative ice cream, known as MaxiMootral, is crafted using milk sourced from Mootral's farm in Lancashire, where the company has harnessed the power of its natural feed supplement to significantly reduce methane emissions from cows.

Mootral's revolutionary feed supplement, aptly named Mootral Ruminant, contains a combination of compounds extracted from garlic and citrus. This unique blend has been scientifically proven to enhance the digestive process in cows, resulting in a remarkable reduction of up to 38 per cent in methane emissions caused by cow burps.

Starting today, patrons of Ruby Violet's ice cream parlour in King's Cross will have the pleasure of savouring this ecologically-conscious treat. To celebrate the launch of this novel product, complimentary scoops of MaxiMootral ice cream will be provided to customers.

The implications of producing environmentally friendly milk through Mootral's innovation could be substantial for British dairy farmers. In a time when an increasing number of individuals are scrutinising the environmental impact of their food and beverage choices, this endeavour aligns with the preferences of the British public.

A YouGov survey has revealed that 60 per cent of the population favours sustainable brands. Nevertheless, the food industry has faced criticism for its sluggish response to the escalating demand for more sustainable options.

Thomas Hafner, the CEO and founder of Mootral, expressed a sense of pride in collaborating with British farmers to enable the production of high-quality, low-carbon footprint milk.

He emphasised the alignment between Mootral's objectives and the growing desire among the British populace for sustainable choices. Hafner envisions a fruitful collaboration with the British dairy sector to fulfill the escalating demand for environmentally conscious milk.

Ruby Violet's founder, Julie Fisher, commended the partnership with Mootral as a groundbreaking step towards reducing their carbon footprint. The MaxiMootral ice cream stands as a symbol of the synergy between two forward-thinking entities working collectively towards a more sustainable future.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of Mootral's recent news regarding the sale of 3,000 'CowCredits' to UK businesses seeking to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. These credits are supported by the implementation of Mootral's natural feed supplement in British dairy farms. The proceeds from these sales are subsequently reinvested in the farmers who have embraced the supplement on their farms.

Coincidentally, this launch aligns with a momentous announcement from retail giant M&S, which unveiled its partnership with the sustainable agriculture platform Wildfarmed. This collaboration involves the use of regenerative practices in cultivating wheat for M&S's sourdough loaves, further underscoring the growing momentum towards eco-friendly practices in the food industry.

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