IFCO Unveils Dora, the Sustainable Plastic Pallet

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KnowESG_IFCO Unveils Dora, the Sustainable Plastic Pallet
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IFCO, a global leader in Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs), has introduced Dora, an innovative reusable Plastic Pallet, across Europe.

Specifically designed to integrate with RPCs and accessible through IFCO’s circular model pooling system, Dora integrates into existing fresh grocery supply chain operations. This ensures sustainable gains in logistics efficiency for both suppliers and retailers over the long term.

The IFCO Plastic Pallet contributes to efficiency and safety improvements in key areas of transportation and handling. With Dora weighing over 25% less than traditional wood pallets, there is a substantial reduction in transportation costs.

Michael Pooley, CEO at IFCO, said, "Dora's full integration into our pooling system allows our customers to enjoy our comprehensive services and consistently high pallet quality and dimensions. This eliminates the time-consuming challenges associated with conventional pallet exchange systems," explains Pooley.

At its core, Dora Plastic Pallet prioritises hygiene, safeguarding the freshness of products during transit. Crafted from 100% high-quality HDPE, Dora is not only sturdy and durable but also moisture-resistant and washable, making it a more sustainable and hygienic choice for transporting fresh products.

With its smooth, rounded surface and edges, the risk of splinters, nails, or other defects jeopardising workers or damaging fresh products is eliminated. In contrast to wood pallets, which have an average damage rate of 25%, the IFCO Plastic Pallet boasts a rate of less than 1%. Any damaged or broken IFCO Plastic Pallets are fully recycled within the IFCO pooling system. Dora can also be reused up to 10 times more than conventional wood pallets.

Inigo Canalejo, Vice President ESG and Strategic Marketing at IFCO, said, "By introducing our circular business model to the realm of pallets, we are modernising a long-overlooked segment of the fresh grocery supply chain. We're pleased to be challenging the established norms. It's about time for a superior, sustainable, and cost-competitive solution. Our Dora Plastic Pallet is built to endure."

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Source: IFCO


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