Dubai Islamic Bank to Plant a Tree for Everyone

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KnowESG_Dubai Islamic Bank to Plant a Tree for Everyone
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Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has unveiled an innovative environmental initiative, pledging to plant a tree for each new customer who opens an account with them.

This groundbreaking endeavour not only signifies a significant step towards meaningful climate action but also underscores DIB's commitment to engaging its customers and fostering a community of eco-conscious individuals.

As the UAE prepares to host COP 28, uniting the world on a common platform to address critical climate issues, this strategic programme, deeply rooted in DIB's core values, demonstrates the bank's aspirations to play a leading role in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) landscape, striving to create a better world for all.

In light of the UAE's renewed dedication to ESG principles, DIB has reinvigorated its mission by infusing sustainability into the very fabric of its organisation.

The primary objective is to make banking a rewarding experience for customers while instilling a sense of responsibility within the community towards climate and environmental concerns.

This comprehensive project will operate in collaboration with two prominent NGOs in the field, Emirates Environmental Group and The Storey Group, encompassing both land-based trees and mangrove forests. As part of this initiative, customers will receive personalised information about the trees planted in their honour.

Dr. Adnan Chilwan, Group Chief Executive Officer at DIB, emphasised the significance of the "One Tree for Everyone" initiative, highlighting the bank's unwavering commitment to sustainability and climate change.

ESG principles are now firmly integrated into DIB's business strategy, shaping its future operations. Dr. Chilwan underscored the bank's responsibility as the largest Islamic financial institution in the UAE and a global influencer, not only in reducing the institution's carbon footprint but also in leading efforts to transform the perspectives of customers and the wider community towards climate action and sustainability.

As he concluded, "The time to change is now, and Dubai Islamic Bank is embarking on this remarkable journey aligned with the UAE Net Zero 2050 agenda."

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Source: Dubai Islamic Bank


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