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Leading tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres has taken a significant step towards sustainability by sourcing 100% of its natural rubber supplies from companies committed to sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

This commitment aligns with the code of conduct set by the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), forming part of Apollo Tyres' Global Sustainability Strategy. The initiative applies to the supply of natural rubber to the company's European production facilities in the Netherlands and Hungary.

The implementation of this commitment has already brought about substantial changes in Apollo Tyres' European supply chain. The company has established new natural rubber supply agreements with businesses that have sustainable sourcing or traceable-to-plantation policies. As a result, all tyres produced at Apollo Tyres' European facilities will now be made using natural rubber sourced from suppliers adhering to the GPSNR policy framework, ensuring the avoidance of unsustainable practices that could harm the environment, wildlife, human rights, and local economies.

Benoit Rivallant, President and CEO of Apollo Tyres Europe, emphasises the importance of sustainable growth amidst the increasing global demand for tyres. By working with companies across the value chain, Apollo Tyres aims to ensure transparency and help the tyre industry manage its environmental and societal impacts, recognising that sustainable sourcing of natural rubber is vital for preserving the environment.

In addition to supporting its own sustainability strategy, Apollo Tyres aligns with the environmental goals of its global customers, including leading vehicle manufacturers with whom it has original equipment supply agreements.

Moreover, Apollo Tyres has achieved ISO 20400 certification, which sets requirements for sustainable procurement encompassing accountability, transparency, respect for human rights, and ethical behaviour.

The certification highlights the consideration of key factors such as risk management and priority setting, providing guidelines for integrating sustainability into procurement processes. This ensures that the sourcing of raw materials, including natural rubber, aligns with industry-wide sustainability standards.

The Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), established in 2018, is an international, voluntary membership organisation focused on improving the socio-economic and environmental impact of the natural rubber value chain. With over 200 members representing more than 55% of the global natural rubber value chain, including tyre makers, automakers, and raw material producers, GPSNR lays out 12 sustainable natural rubber principles that its members commit to. These principles encompass legal compliance, human rights, community, product efficiency, supply chain traceability, and policy. Apollo Tyres, as a member, upholds the vision and mission of GPSNR, aligning its practices with these principles.

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