CNX-Network Unveils CoinX Presale for Global Sustainable Payments

Published on: 12 May 2022 11:48 AM
by KnowESG

CNX-Network has announced that the CoinX presale is now open. The startup aims to transform the way people think about blockchain technology. Blockchain technology, which is often associated with cryptocurrency, has several uses. The CNX-Network represents the future of blockchain technology by being the first sustainable, decentralised global payment system for everyday use.

Individuals who participate in the CNX-Network presale will receive 10% additional coins for utilising the CNX-Miner App, a listing on several exchanges, the possibility to be an early CoinX holder, and all of the benefits of using the CNX-utility network applications. The inaugural presale offering will be for 3,200,000,000.

CNX-Network is determined to develop the most commonly used decentralised blockchain system with user-friendly applications and a global community by operating on its global blockchain payment system. Individuals have access to a centralised environment to use their cryptocurrency whenever they want.

The difference with CNX-Network is that it is user-friendly. While keeping competitive with future companies, CNX-Network can redefine the face of cryptocurrencies into a faster, better, and more dependable system.

Users' needs are met via CNX-Network, which provides a wide range of applications and enhanced communication between programmes. It has similar user interfaces and is interconnected, yet private and safe. People can join a global community and trade, invest, and save coins with a single login to a single account when using its CoinX cryptocurrency. Autonomous data processing, environmental sustainability, transparency, and safe data storage are advantages for users.

Several functioning applications and services are already part of the CNX Utility Network at the time of the CoinX pre-sale and will be gradually exposed to the public. To begin, there is WalletX, CNX Network's wallet where users may find their assets and which will also serve as an exchange.

In addition to WalletX, the following apps will be available shortly: CNX-Connect, which can store user data securely. CNX-VPN is a fast VPN client that connects to over 180 locations worldwide. MetaChat is a free, fully encrypted chat service for everyday use that allows channel owners to launch paid channels (which can be paid with CNX). There is also a Node, a network configuration where numerous authorities act as a centralised hub for a subset of players, and AdManager, an application that can be integrated into current websites and applications for monetisation and advertising.

Individuals can participate in the CoinX presale to experience the distinct difference that the CNX-Network can create on a global scale. CNX-user-friendly Network's interface and creative approach to blockchain technology make it easier to understand.

Source: GlobeNewsWire