Wallhamn AB: World's 1st Carbon-Negative Port

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Setting sail towards a greener future, the port of Wallhamn AB, nestled on the picturesque island of Tjörn, is charting a course towards local energy production and eco-friendly shipping fuel.

Collaborating with Boson Energy SA, the Municipality of Tjörn has made a resolute decision to establish a cutting-edge facility for fossil-free and carbon-negative energy production, pioneering the way to become the world's first carbon-negative port.

Boson Energy's groundbreaking technology converts non-recyclable waste into electricity and green methanol, replacing fossil fuels in the chemical and plastics industry while catering to the burgeoning needs of the marine sector. Remarkably, both the electricity and fuel generated through this process are carbon negative, as carbon dioxide is efficiently captured and repurposed or safely stored.

The project aims to support Wallhamn AB's growing energy demands, including vehicle charging and bolstering the local power grid when necessary. With minimal solid residue from the conversion process, the eco-friendly glass slag finds valuable applications as an environmentally friendly filling material or can be further processed into a climate-smart insulation material.

This initiative embodies Wallhamn AB's ambitious goal of transforming into the world's premier carbon-negative port. The local electricity production will not only cater to the port's vehicles but also extend to the vehicles that arrive at the port, enabling fossil-free operations. Furthermore, the availability of electricity is expected to fuel the expansion of port electrification by offering shore power connection to incoming vessels.

Torbjörn Wedebrand, CEO of Wallhamn AB, enthusiastically highlights that this project will drive their green transition and secure a reliable energy supply for both their operations and customers. It represents a significant stride towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions while presenting exciting opportunities for the port's growth and development.

In a comprehensive effort to foster sustainable practices and circular sector coupling, Boson Energy has also partnered with Ecopromt AB to establish an innovative indoor farming facility for growing vegetables near the port. This concept exemplifies a circular and environmentally friendly approach to vegetable production, benefiting from the proximity to Boson Energy's facility, which can supply the necessary electricity, carbon dioxide, and cooling for energy-efficient cultivation.

Jan Grimbrandt, Founder and CEO of Boson Energy SA, envisions this Wallhamn project as a groundbreaking global template. It exemplifies the autonomous and dynamic potential of their 24/7/365 system for local electricity and green molecule production, phasing out the use of fossil alternatives. This revolutionary approach targets sectors where decarbonisation has proven challenging, such as marine fuels, chemical industries, fertilisers, and even high-efficiency greenhouses for local food production.

The municipality's principled decision paves the way for further collaboration between all parties involved to prepare for the establishment of these groundbreaking facilities. As the detailed planning process unfolds, the municipality will explore suitable industrial properties to support the project.

Anticipated to commence in 2025 at the earliest, this ambitious undertaking is projected to generate 150–200 new job opportunities for the community. Martin Johansen, Chairman of the Municipal Board, lauds Wallhamn AB's significance as a major employer and essential local infrastructure, allowing Tjörn to proactively cultivate local energy security and sustainable job opportunities while forging ahead with circular business initiatives.

With the municipality's bold decision, Wallhamn AB and its partners can now collaborate on securing the port's energy supply and nurturing the conditions for groundbreaking circular business prospects. This remarkable endeavour is not only set to transform the port and municipality but also serves as a beacon of hope for other ports, cities, and islands worldwide seeking to tackle energy access, costs, and fossil fuel footprints.

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Source: Boson Energy


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