Vertua Concrete Reduces CO2 Emissions in Khalifa Port

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Cemex is set to supply more than 200,000 cubic meters of eco-friendly Vertua concrete to support the expansion of the Khalifa Port in the United Arab Emirates, a pivotal project under the AD Ports Group.

This endeavour represents a major milestone in the world of port infrastructure, showcasing Cemex's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Khalifa Port is strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, serving as a vital hub for 25 major shipping lines and offering direct connections to over 70 international destinations.

With its 18.5 meters deep-water capacity and an extensive 10.6 kilometres of quay wall, it boasts a comprehensive range of facilities, including two container terminals, a substantial general cargo and dry bulk facility, a logistics port, a liquid bulk terminal, and a roll-on-roll-off terminal.

Sergio Menéndez, President of Cemex Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia, expressed pride in the company's role in reducing the carbon footprint of global projects, emphasising the quality and sustainability of the Vertua product line. Vertua is a family of environmentally responsible construction materials designed to meet high-quality standards while incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches.

Since its inauguration in 2012, Khalifa Port has rapidly ascended to become one of the world's fastest-growing ports, positioned strategically along key global trade routes. Its commitment to sustainability led to the selection of Vertua, capable of achieving remarkable reductions of up to 70% in CO2 emissions without compromising performance.

Vertua encompasses a specialised range of sustainable, top-tier construction products intended to make a substantial positive impact on the environment. It empowers builders to tailor their projects to be more sustainable through five distinct and quantifiable attributes: lower carbon emissions, enhanced energy efficiency, water conservation, the utilisation of recycled materials, and optimised design.

Vertua forms a crucial component of Cemex's Future in Action programme, a strategic initiative dedicated to achieving sustainable excellence through climate action, circularity, and responsible natural resource management. The programme's ultimate aim is to transform Cemex into a net-zero CO₂ company by 2050, solidifying its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

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Source: Cemex


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