Unipart Unveils Eco-Friendly Energy Monitor

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Unipart has introduced a new system called Eco Insight, designed to aid businesses in cutting costs and keeping track of their carbon and energy usage in commercial and industrial facilities.

This technology enables more environmentally friendly decisions to be made, promoting sustainability.

The Instrumentel Paradigm Insight system powers the Eco Insight system, which employs non-invasive monitoring devices to collect data in real-time. By utilising Instrumentel data analytics, the system provides actionable information promptly.

According to Josh Kimberling, the Managing Director of Instrumentel, they are implementing this technology at their own locations to identify areas with high energy usage, improve consumption, and minimise estate expenses. Kimberling believes that many businesses struggle with exorbitant energy costs and that Eco Insight can assist them in managing their expenses efficiently.

Paige Harris, the Commercial Manager, further stated that this technology leverages years of experience in data science across various sectors, providing facilities, operations, and HSE teams with potent tools in all kinds of businesses. Harris expressed her enthusiasm for Eco Insight's potential to aid businesses in achieving their net-zero commitments.

By providing real-time energy and carbon data, the Eco Insight system facilitates companies in achieving their sustainability objectives and making well-informed decisions regarding their resources. Instrumentel is dedicated to supporting companies in taking action through data insights, allowing them to meet their environmental targets effectively and efficiently.

Eco Insight transforms energy and carbon data into actionable insights and reports on Scope 1, 2, and 3. The system can be used in buildings and industrial sites, monitoring all utilities as well as other energy inputs like solar, high-consumption assets, and waste streams.

To enhance precision, measurement data is collected using remote, high-resolution metering or sensing technology. These measurements are captured as frequently as every second and uploaded automatically into the dashboard every 30 seconds to provide businesses with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Instrumentel's comprehensive expertise enables the integration of existing hardware and third-party data platforms. New sensors can be installed in a modular manner, allowing additional sensors to be incorporated into the system or existing ones to be relocated to another area on site as needed.

Eco Insight consolidates the data to detect inefficiencies, anomalies, and potential areas for energy conservation. This enables businesses to take prompt action rather than spending valuable time cleaning and organising data.

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