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The UK is making history as it introduces its first publicly accessible sustainable petrol, specially formulated for classic vehicles.

The innovative SUSTAIN Classic range enables vintage car owners to fill up with plant-based petrol, without requiring any engine modifications. Initially, three types of fuel will be offered. Developed by fuel specialist Coryton, the fuel with the highest sustainable content guarantees a minimum 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.

These groundbreaking products use an advanced second-generation biofuel derived from agricultural waste, such as straw and crop by-products or waste unsuitable for consumption. By doing so, the fuel taps into the existing carbon present in our atmosphere, which plants absorb as they grow. This recycling process avoids releasing additional CO2 that is currently trapped underground in fossil fuels.

SUSTAIN Classic, with an octane number exceeding 98 and bio-ethanol content below 1%, has been meticulously engineered for classic vehicles but can also be used in any vehicle running on standard forecourt petrol. It incorporates a premium additive package that stabilises and extends the fuel's lifespan while ensuring engine cleanliness and protection.

Starting from £3.80 per litre, SUSTAIN Classic will be available for purchase from the distributor Motor Spirit at Bicester Heritage beginning June 13th. Additional stockists across the UK will be introduced in the following months. Presently, there are three variations of this drop-in replacement fuel available, all suitable for year-round use.

Super 80:

  • Comprised 80% renewable content.

  • Yields over 65% greenhouse gas reduction compared to fossil fuels.

  • Complies with 98RON (Super Unleaded) EN228 standards.

  • Incorporates a multifunctional deposit control additive package to enhance engine cleanliness and performance with regular usage.

  • Priced from £4.65 per litre.

Super 33:

  • Comprised 33% sustainable content.

  • Yields over 25% greenhouse gas reduction compared to fossil fuels.

  • Complies with 98RON (Super Unleaded) EN228 standards.

  • Incorporates a multifunctional deposit control additive package to enhance engine cleanliness and performance with regular usage.

  • Priced from £3.80 per litre.

Racing 50:

  • High-performance sustainable petrol designed for performance and racing vehicles requiring high-octane fuel.

  • Comprised 50% renewable content.

  • Yields over 35% greenhouse gas reduction compared to fossil fuels.

  • Complies with 102RON (for high-octane applications) EN228 standards.

  • Premium deposit control additives to reduce existing deposits and maintain engine cleanliness and performance with regular usage.

  • Priced from £5.24 per litre.

The range of fuels varies from 33% to 80% sustainable content. David Richardson, Business Development Director at Coryton, explains the rationale behind this range:

"Each kilogram of CO2 we prevent from entering our atmosphere by replacing fossil fuel with sustainable fuel is a victory. We don't have to make an instant complete switch to start making a significant impact. As more feedstocks become available, these fuels will contain even higher levels of traceable sustainable elements. However, we want to keep them affordable for consumers and be transparent about what is currently achievable.

Due to the limited availability of genuine fossil-free fuel components, we have established honest and achievable objectives, developing fuels that make a significant difference while addressing user requirements. Although we have the option to employ "mass balancing" methods to certify the fuel as 100% sustainable, we believe in being transparent about the readiness of the technology and the traceability of our products.

With the appropriate support, the industry will progress towards that ultimate goal. That's why we emphasise the importance of introducing these products to consumers, allowing them to experience firsthand how effortless and impactful the transition can be."

SUSTAIN Classic, certified by Coryton's fully accredited laboratory and complying with ISCC sustainable protocols, has showcased outstanding performance in both testing centres and on the track.

During the recent Rally for The Ages event held at Bicester Heritage, more than 70 cars successfully completed the course using the Super 80 fuel. This fuel will also be available for participants in the upcoming Flywheel 2023 event.

Heading Motor Spirit at Bicester Heritage, Guy Lachlan expresses his belief that SUSTAIN Classic is the world's first sustainable fuel designed specifically for classic vehicles, providing a credible and convenient alternative to running vintage cars without relying on fossil fuels. The fuel has undergone comprehensive certification, testing, and development at our state-of-the-art blending facility in the UK.

With nearly half a million classic cars estimated to be in the UK, each with its own unique purpose, construction, and history, we aim to offer a range of second-generation biofuels that cater to their specific requirements and those of other vintage vehicles. We aspire to provide these beloved automobiles with a sustainable future, preserving them for years to come.

SUSTAIN Classic is the second specialised fuel in Coryton's SUSTAIN range. Since its launch in 2022, SUSTAIN Racing has made a remarkable impact in the motorsport sector, securing titles in prestigious events such as the Dakar Rally.

For stockist information, interested individuals and distributors can visit the Sustain Classic website at and register their interest.

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Source: Coryton


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