Tetra Pak Unveils Factory-Wide Sustainability Solutions

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KnowESG_Tetra Pak Unveils Factory-Wide Sustainability Solutions

Tetra Pak introduces its innovative "Factory Sustainable Solutions," a comprehensive approach to optimising energy, water, and cleaning processes across food and beverage (F&B) plants.

This new offering builds on Tetra Pak's existing sustainability portfolio by providing F&B producers with cutting-edge technologies and expert integration services. It helps them streamline resource use, which is crucial for achieving sustainability goals and reducing operational costs.

F&B Industry Needs a Sustainable Shift

Traditionally reliant on fossil fuels and energy-intensive methods, F&B manufacturers now face pressure to optimise resources and use renewable energy sources. Rising operational expenses, including raw material costs, carbon taxes, and water waste fees, further highlight the need for solutions. Businesses are looking to their supply chains and manufacturing processes to achieve cost savings.

Tetra Pak's Holistic Approach

Tetra Pak's Factory Sustainable Solutions offers a systematic, plant-wide approach that complements its existing resource-efficient equipment and services. Solutions can be integrated at any stage to reduce and recover resources like energy, water, and cleaning chemicals. Optimised resource use lowers long-term operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions, while also helping manufacturers comply with increasingly strict sustainability regulations.

Customised Solutions

The Tetra Pak Factory Sustainable Solutions team works closely with customers to identify the most suitable technologies and integration solutions for their specific needs. This results in a customised piping and installation plan that optimises water, energy, and cleaning-in-place (CIP) processes.

Smart Technologies

The Factory Sustainable Solutions programme includes cutting-edge technologies like:

  • Nanofiltration: This Tetra Pak-developed solution recovers cleaning chemicals and water used in CIP, enabling up to 90% reuse of spent liquids.

  • Reverse Osmosis: This technology uses Tetra Pak's proprietary membrane filtration to improve resource efficiency in various applications like milk separation and water reuse.

Collaboration for Broader Solutions

Tetra Pak partners with innovative technology companies to offer additional solutions:

  • HighLift™ Heat Pump Technology: Developed with Olvondo Technology A/S, this technology can be integrated into operations to reuse waste heat for steam generation across plant equipment, including Tetra Pak Direct UHT units, at pressures up to 10 bar.

  • High-Temperature Heat Pumps: In collaboration with Johnson Controls, these pumps recover waste heat for use elsewhere in the factory.

  • Solar Thermal Collectors: Developed with Absolicon, these collectors use solar energy, a clean and renewable source, to deliver hot water and steam at temperatures exceeding 150°C, suitable for UHT applications.

Global Availability and Continuous Development

The Factory Sustainable Solutions programme has rolled out globally, with Tetra Pak's expertise and advisory services available worldwide. Tetra Pak remains committed to developing and expanding this offering across all markets to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers.

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