Teekay Tankers Gets Yara Marine's FuelOpt on 25 Ships

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Teekay Tankers has recently signed agreements to equip an additional 25 tankers with Yara Marine Technologies' FuelOpt propulsion optimisation technology.

This decision follows the successful installation and evaluation of FuelOpt on the Zenith Spirit in 2021, as well as on three other vessels in 2022.

The decision to invest in FuelOpt came after Teekay confirmed that the four vessels already equipped with the technology achieved fuel savings and emissions reductions of 3–5% throughout 2022.

This move aligns with Teekay's broader strategy to enhance sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance in their fleet as they actively work towards the International Maritime Organisation's goal of cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in half by 2050.

Soumendu Das Roy, Technical Director at Teekay Tankers, emphasised the company's commitment to energy efficiency and emission reduction, stating that FuelOpt has demonstrated significant savings and that they are eager to replicate these results across the fleet. Teekay looks forward to further collaboration with Yara Marine Technologies on its journey towards greener shipping practices.

FuelOpt is a versatile solution compatible with various fuels, both present and future. The system streamlines operations by automating and executing crucial operational settings throughout a vessel's voyage, maximising fuel savings without compromising efficiency. Through an intuitive panel on the bridge, the crew can control speed, fuel consumption, and engine power, adapting to real-time environmental conditions and eliminating unnecessary variations in speed and power.

Mikael Laurin, Head of Vessel Optimisation at Yara Marine Technologies, expressed pride in their partnership with Teekay Tankers, emphasising the importance of providing clients with cost-effective and future-proof decarbonisation solutions. FuelOpt's demonstration of increased fuel efficiency serves as a practical and tested solution to rising fuel prices and emission reduction requirements.

FuelOpt also supports Teekay's efforts to meet year-on-year Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) improvement requirements by logging performance and navigational data in the vessel's management and reporting software. This data can be seamlessly integrated with fleet management software, such as Yara Marine's Fleet Analytics or third-party systems, simplifying reporting processes.

Furthermore, when FuelOpt is equipped with the Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi) functionality, it aids in compliance with the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) requirements. The ShaPoLi functionality ensures the vessel's shaft power output does not exceed specified limits without any modifications to the existing machinery.

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Source: Marine Insight


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