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Syngenta Crop Protection and Biotalys (Euronext - BTLS) have announced a collaboration to jointly research, develop, and commercialise new biocontrol solutions for managing key pests in diverse crops.

The solution will be based on Biotalys' AGROBODY™ technology and aims to provide farmers with a novel mode of action to combat pest resistance and promote sustainable agriculture.

Syngenta and Biotalys, an agricultural technology company specialising in protein-based biocontrol solutions, will collaborate on a research programme to use Biotalys' AGROBODY™ technology platform for specific insect targets as part of Syngenta's agricultural innovation ecosystem.

Camilla Corsi, Head of Crop Protection Research at Syngenta Crop Protection, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it combines its research and development expertise with Biotalys' breakthrough protein-based innovations to address critical farmer needs worldwide.

Growers are seeking innovative and effective biological solutions that minimise environmental and biodiversity impacts due to resistance development and increasing regulatory and environmental pressures.

Biotalys has demonstrated the potential of its protein-based biocontrols in delivering novel modes of action for safe and effective application in food and agriculture. The partnership with Syngenta will enable Biotalys to accelerate the development and global commercialisation of innovative crop protection solutions, leveraging the extensive network and capabilities of a global agriculture business and solidifying its leadership in biocontrol innovation.

Patrice Sellès, Chief Executive Officer at Biotalys, expressed pride and excitement in working with Syngenta to address one of the most pressing challenges in the industry - developing innovative and effective pest control solutions through their AGROBODY™ technology.

Sellès further stated that collaborating with Syngenta is a significant milestone in Biotalys' mission to provide growers worldwide with safe, efficient, and sustainable agricultural solutions.

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