Smart Tooling Cuts Emissions for Manufacturers

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KnowESG_Smart Tooling Cuts Emissions for Manufacturers
Image courtesy of Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant, a company that provides tooling solutions, has added new features to their Productivity Analyser tool that focus on sustainability.

These features allow manufacturers to precisely measure how much energy they are using and the size of their carbon footprint.

The updated analyser gives detailed information on sustainability, including how much energy is used to make each part, the total amount of energy used each year, and how much CO2 is released. Manufacturers can now consider things like efficiency and energy costs when they are making changes to their operations to reduce their impact on the environment.

Tests done with a major car manufacturer showed a 15% increase in productivity, which they believe is because of the analyser's in-depth analysis.

By looking at data on machines, tools, and energy use, Sandvik Coromant can give manufacturers specific advice on how to cut emissions. This data-driven approach gives manufacturers practical information they can use to make changes, which helps create a manufacturing system that is better for the environment.

Sandvik Coromant takes a comprehensive view of sustainability, focusing on getting rid of waste and making decisions based on data. Programmes like their global buy-back scheme for used tools show their commitment to protecting the environment.

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Source: Sandvik Coromant


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