Saudi Arabia's Digital Sustainability Surge

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Saudi Arabia is making remarkable strides towards achieving digital sustainability in line with its Vision 2030 goals, as reported by the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission.

The second edition of their report, released recently, outlines the significant initiatives undertaken by the Kingdom in 2022, covering economic, social, and environmental aspects of digital sustainability.

One notable achievement was the world's first trial of 5G transmitters conducted 14 km above land at the Red Sea project site in March 2022. This groundbreaking trial, carried out by Stratospheric Platforms Ltd., a UK-based company partnered with German firm Deutsche Telekom, showcased the successful utilisation of aircraft to extend 5G coverage over an area of 450 sq. km.

Another highlight in the report was the successful progress of the Emerging Technologies Sandbox, a platform empowering new technologies and providing a safe environment for pilot testing. In 2022, the sandbox facilitated the growth of 87 local technology products and accepted 11 companies, including five international ones.

The commission's efforts to promote environmental sustainability were also evident through the launch of the Recycle Your Device Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and IT and the National Center for Waste Management. This national initiative aimed at recycling electronic devices saw a remarkable response, with over 100,000 devices collected, totalling more than SR30 million ($7.9 million) in market value.

Gender equality and women's participation were also celebrated in the report, with women holding 23.6 per cent of leadership positions in the information, communication, and technology sectors. Moreover, the percentage of women in Saudi Arabia's labour market expanded to 33.41 per cent, surpassing the goals set for Vision 2030.

Additionally, the Kingdom achieved global recognition through the International Forum on Connecting the World from the Skies in 2022, where 3,000 delegates from 130 countries actively participated.

The report further emphasised the commission's strategic approach to promoting digital sustainability, which includes increasing national digital coverage, investing in technology aligned with the UN's 17 sustainability development goals, and maximising electronic equipment recycling.

Overall, Saudi Arabia's commitment to digital sustainability is evident through these key initiatives and achievements, positioning the nation as a leading player in the realm of technological progress and environmental responsibility.

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Source: Arab News


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