RightShip and AD Ports Partner to Reduce Emissions

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RightShip, the world's foremost digital maritime platform with a strong focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, has made a significant announcement.

They have entered into a strategic partnership with AD Ports Group, a prominent facilitator of global trade, logistics, and industrial operations, to integrate RightShip's innovative Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) into their portfolio of top-tier ports.

MEP is a groundbreaking digital solution that merges vessel movement data gathered through the Automatic Identification System (AIS) with RightShip's unique insights into vessels.

This cutting-edge solution calculates emissions generated by ships while they are within port and terminal facilities and identifies opportunities to mitigate their environmental impact.

MEP not only provides essential support but also grants access to an unparalleled wealth of maritime data, enabling ports and terminals to effectively gauge and manage their emissions. This asset plays a pivotal role in bolstering decarbonisation efforts that align with global, regional, and national emission reduction targets.

Othman Al Khouri, Executive Director of Corporate Authority at AD Ports Group, expressed their commitment to harnessing technology to reduce the carbon footprint of their facilities. By teaming up with RightShip, they aim to utilise data-driven insights to pinpoint areas with the most potential for reducing environmental impact. Their comprehensive strategy encompasses multiple facets of their operations, and they are confident that this approach will lead to reduced emissions while maintaining operational efficiency.

Andrew Roberts, Executive Director for the EMEA region at RightShip, was elated about the collaboration with AD Ports Group, considering it a testament to their dedication to excellence within the global maritime industry.

RightShip's Maritime Emissions Portal is a pivotal and potent tool that assists ports in crafting effective decarbonisation strategies, thereby improving local air quality. This partnership will provide crucial support to AD Ports Group in their emissions reduction endeavours and contribute significantly to RightShip's mission of creating a maritime industry with zero harm.

RightShip's MEP employs an energy-based modelling approach that adheres to the guidelines set forth by UNEP and UNFCCC to calculate emissions on a vessel-by-vessel basis. Emissions are assessed across four operational modes at specific points of interest and in alignment with emissions targets defined by individual ports. All of this information is presented through a versatile digital tool, making it a powerful resource for environmental management within the maritime industry.

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Source: RightShip


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