Ricardo Aids Winnebago in Creating eRV Prototype

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KnowESG_Ricardo Aids Winnebago in Creating eRV Prototype
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The debut of Winnebago's inaugural all-electric recreational vehicle (eRV) prototype, masterfully engineered by Ricardo, mirrors the surging global demand for environmentally conscious outdoor leisure in North America.

Ricardo, a distinguished global consultancy specialising in strategic, environmental, and engineering services, has partnered with Winnebago to create and introduce North America's pioneering zero-emission RV – the Winnebago eRV2.

Recent statistics from the US Government Bureau of Economic Analysis illustrate that RVing stands as the nation's second-largest conventional outdoor pursuit. With the burgeoning growth of the outdoor recreation sector in North America, there's an escalating desire for sustainable products that allow consumers to revel in nature with a minimal ecological footprint.

Ricardo was the natural choice for Winnebago, given its exceptional record in diverse product development cycles, adept launch management, and proficiency in electric vehicle integration. Tasked with steering the project from inception to vehicle rollout within a tight one-year timeline, the team managed all facets of programme delivery, spanning engineering, manufacturing, quality control, procurement, and supply chain management.

Leveraging their automotive electrical system prowess, the Ricardo team seamlessly integrated an advanced 48v electrical system, encompassing electrical engineering architecture and wire harnessing.

Scott St.Clair, Global Vice President of Ricardo’s Strategic Consulting team, remarked, "Supporting Winnebago's inaugural electric prototype launch was a gratifying achievement and a significant milestone. Our adeptness in software design and electrical engineering integration shone through in this challenging timeframe, yielding a forward-looking mobility solution aligned with the client's needs. Completing this ambitious venture in just 12 months underscores the tenacity and dedication of both teams. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Winnebago."

Brian Byndas, VP of Product Engineering and Quality at Winnebago, emphasised, "Our central aim in developing the eRV2 prototype was to empower customers to explore their surroundings responsibly. This marks a monumental stride for Winnebago, signifying the amalgamation of our pioneering legacy with design prowess, innovation, and sustainability. Our partnership with Ricardo, which provided invaluable insights, programme management acumen, and engineering finesse, facilitated a triumphant prototype launch—a foundation upon which we can build."

Together, Winnebago and Ricardo have ushered in a new era of eco-friendly RV travel, resonating with nature enthusiasts and conservation-minded travellers alike.

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Source: Ricardo


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