PD Ports Drives Sustainability with Electric Cranes

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PD Ports, the port operator and owner has recently acquired two new electric harbour cranes at Tees Dock. This investment, totalling £8.6 million, exemplifies its ongoing dedication to promoting sustainability.

The newly acquired Liebherr cranes at Tees Dock stand tall at 83 meters when fully raised and boast enhanced handling capacities, increasing from 100 to 140 tonnes.

These electric-hydraulic powered cranes provide an eco-friendly and efficient solution for loading and unloading various bulk commodities. The introduction of this cutting-edge equipment reflects PD Ports' ongoing efforts to meet the growing demand and establish Teesport as a prominent hub for bulk commodities.

This investment follows the successful launch of the £12 million Teesport Bulks Terminal in 2020, further solidifying Teesport's appeal to global customers.

Frans Calje, CEO of PD Ports, expressed his enthusiasm for the newly introduced mobile harbour cranes, emphasising their significance in the company's journey towards carbon neutrality. He highlighted their commitment to driving positive change and creating a more sustainable future while maintaining high operating standards. PD Ports has set ambitious decarbonisation targets and is well on track to surpass them, recognising their responsibility to reduce environmental impact for themselves, communities, and customers.

Calje further emphasised that the incorporation of the new equipment, along with the already impressive facilities at Tees Dock, solidifies PD Ports' position as a leader in service excellence and delivery. He acknowledged the collective efforts and initiatives undertaken by the company, including the adoption of electric vehicles, conversion of existing equipment, and the implementation of low and zero-emission energy sources. As a result, PD Ports' CO2 emissions have already returned to levels last observed in 2000.

The company is now on course to achieve carbon neutrality by 2027, supporting its aspirations to become the most sustainable port operator in the UK.

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