Partnership for Decarbonisation: Mubadala and Masdar

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Mubadala Energy, an international energy company based in Abu Dhabi, and Masdar, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, have formed a partnership to explore and engage in decarbonisation and energy transition initiatives.

This collaboration will involve joint exploration of opportunities that utilise Mubadala Energy's technical expertise and Masdar's world-leading knowledge in decarbonisation and energy transition technologies.

Focusing on key regions such as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Southeast Asia (SEA), with potential expansion to other mutual areas of interest, the partnership will cover various synergistic areas.

This includes developing technical solutions to decarbonise or enhance the energy efficiency of oil and gas assets, potential joint investments in new energy and low-carbon projects, and cooperation on emissions management.

Dr. Bakheet Al Katheeri, CEO of UAE Investments Platform at Mubadala Investment Company, commented on the partnership, stating that energy transition and decarbonisation are critical drivers of the global economy.

He expressed confidence that the collaboration between two leading energy companies in Abu Dhabi will drive innovation, accelerate solutions to complex challenges, and create strategic investment opportunities.

Masdar, known for its expertise in clean energy, has been actively investing in and innovating renewable energy programmes since 2006 to support global decarbonisation efforts. The company is committed to advancing the UAE's journey towards net-zero emissions and contributing to the diversification of Abu Dhabi's economy.

Mansoor Mohamed Al Hamed, CEO of Mubadala Energy, highlighted their strategy to recalibrate their business and actively support the energy transition towards lower carbon energy.

He emphasised the importance of gas across their value chain, investments in sectors like blue hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS), and the exploration of various technological levers to decarbonise operations. Al Hamed expressed confidence that the partnership with Masdar will greatly accelerate these efforts and create opportunities for growth within the industry.

Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, CEO of Masdar, echoed the shared ambition of positioning the UAE at the forefront of the global energy transition. He emphasised the need for energy sector investments to support scalable clean energy alternatives, solutions for challenging industries, and efficient use of natural resources to mitigate climate change and ensure sustainable energy supply.

With operations in 11 countries and significant investments in Southeast Asia, as well as across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, Mubadala Energy actively pursues growth opportunities while prioritising the energy transition and energy security goals of host governments.

The company's strategic pivot towards expanding across the gas value chain and entering new energy sectors aligns with the objectives of this partnership, providing further momentum to its efforts.

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Source: Mubadala Energy


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