Nutanix Adds Power Monitoring for Sustainability

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Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, announced new features for the Nutanix Cloud Platform that provide real-time insights into power consumption.

“Energy efficiency metrics are increasingly important for IT infrastructure personnel looking to optimize resources and meet sustainability goals,” said Steve McDowell, Chief Analyst, NAND Research. “Active monitoring of power metrics is an exciting new tool for Nutanix customers struggling to achieve their environmental goals.”

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Accurate Measurement for Sustainability Planning

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index reveals that 88% of organisations prioritise sustainability. Many implement initiatives like IT infrastructure modernisation. However, accurately measuring and planning energy use across complex IT environments can be challenging. Modern systems often combine on-site servers, co-located platforms, and cloud services, making it difficult to track resource usage.

This new functionality, included in Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), simplifies this process. It delivers detailed power usage information instead of estimations. It also complements Nutanix's X-Ray benchmarking tool, which recently gained power and energy data alongside other performance metrics. This allows customers to understand power consumption for simulated workloads and make data-driven decisions.

“Nutanix is helping organizations translate theoretical plans into actionable monitoring to support organizations in achieving their sustainability goals,” said Thomas Cornely, SVP, Product Management at Nutanix. “This new functionality will help customers visualize power metrics to better understand and plan power utilization across their Nutanix environment.”

Nutanix Customers See Reduced Energy Consumption

IT professionals aim for a balance between performance and efficient delivery of applications, data, and computing power while keeping sustainability in mind. Technologies like virtualisation, containers, and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) consolidate workloads onto fewer physical devices.

This reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions compared to traditional infrastructure. Nutanix customers using NCI, the HCI foundation of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, reported a typical 70% decrease in physical footprint and a 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to their prior systems. Lower energy use translates to fewer carbon emissions, minimising the environmental impact of IT systems.

The power consumption dashboard is under development and represents the first step in equipping Nutanix Cloud Platform users with more tools and information to support their sustainable IT efforts.

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