Nucor's Green Steelmaking Commitment

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Nucor Corporation has unveiled its "Made for Good" initiative, spotlighting the company's over 50-year legacy of producing environmentally responsible steel through state-of-the-art methods.

The campaign also underscores Nucor's collaboration with a diverse range of industry partners as they collectively strive to meet their sustainability objectives and the nation's broader sustainability targets.

According to Dan Needham, Executive Vice President of Commercial at Nucor, "Sustainability is becoming increasingly vital due to our customers' evolving values, which centre on emission reduction throughout their supply chains. As a frontrunner in the steel industry, Nucor places a high premium on environmental stewardship.

"We persistently challenge ourselves to minimise emissions. Through deliberate innovation, Nucor not only supplies steel but also offers solutions that empower our clients to effectively attain their business and environmental objectives."

Nucor, a major player in global steel production, accounts for more than a quarter of the steel output in the United States each year. The company is at the forefront of circular, recycling-based manufacturing techniques, boasting an emissions intensity that is more than three times lower than the industry average relying on conventional blast furnaces.

Nucor remains committed to further reducing its carbon footprint through innovation and is the first industrial entity to join the UN 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact, an initiative aimed at hastening the transition to carbon-free global electricity systems while ensuring widespread access to clean and affordable power.

The "Made for Good" campaign shines a spotlight on Nucor's recent accomplishments in sustainable innovations and extends an invitation to customers, investors, and policymakers to partner with Nucor in addressing the challenge of decarbonisation.

The campaign highlights notable case studies, including Nucor's investments in cutting-edge technologies like small modular reactor (SMR) nuclear systems and fusion. It also showcases Nucor's contributions to reducing embodied carbon emissions in mass-market consumer vehicles, as well as its own innovations, including Elcyon, the first domestically manufactured sustainable steel product designed for offshore wind energy applications.

Peter Campbell, Director of Marketing at Nucor, remarked, "For over five decades, Nucor has been at the forefront of circular steelmaking, forging a resilient and environmentally sustainable future. Our 'Made for Good' initiative underscores our commitment to fostering processes and investing in efficient systems that have a positive global impact. This campaign aims to shape the sustainability narrative and distinctly establish Nucor as a crucial partner in building a greener tomorrow."

In addition to its leadership in sustainable steel production, Nucor actively participates in policy discussions aimed at expediting greenhouse gas emission reductions within the industry. The company is a founding member of the Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC), which has developed the Steel Climate Standard – a unified global benchmark for measuring and reporting carbon emissions within the steel sector, fostering transparency, and stimulating international investments in low-emission technology.

Nucor collaborated with Lippincott, a global creative consultancy, to develop the "Made for Good" campaign and partnered with Luquire, a marketing and PR agency, to orchestrate media placement. To explore the campaign further, visit and delve deeper into Nucor's sustainability commitment.

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