Novozymes Enhances Plant-Based Meat

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Novozymes has announced Vertera® ProBite, a plant-based meat innovation.

This groundbreaking solution is poised to revolutionise the plant-based meat industry by replacing undesirable texturisers with a natural alternative.

Vertera® ProBite, created by Novozymes, a leader in biosolutions, addresses the main concerns of consumers: texture and lengthy ingredient lists, making the switch from traditional meat to plant-based alternatives more alluring than ever.

Birgitte Schou Borch, Head of the Plant & Food Business at Novozymes, expressed, "This product launch signifies a major milestone in the plant-based meat sector. Vertera® ProBite has the potential to redefine the consumer experience by not only improving texture but also simplifying ingredient labels—two factors that have hindered the widespread adoption of plant-based alternatives."

Key Features of Vertera® ProBite

Vertera® ProBite hinges on the remarkable enzyme MTGase (microbial transglutaminase E.C., meticulously crafted to elevate the texture of plant-based products.

What sets Vertera® ProBite apart is its remarkable ability to avoid the need for additional labelling, marking a significant breakthrough in the plant-based meat industry.

  • Texture Enhancement: Vertera® ProBite has been precision-engineered to tackle the texture conundrum in plant-based meat products. It delivers an exceptional mouthfeel and consistency, ensuring a more gratifying culinary experience for consumers.

  • Streamlined Labelling: Vertera® ProBite is recognised as a processing aid, with its functional role fully realised during food processing. This innovative approach means that any inadvertent but technically unavoidable presence of the enzyme in the final product does not mandate labelling. This not only enhances transparency but also simplifies the consumer experience, eliminating the need for unwanted texturisers.

  • Ease of Application: Vertera® ProBite takes the form of a liquid product, simplifying dosing and safe handling during food production. Its user-friendly nature provides a boon for food manufacturers seeking efficiency in their operations.

Novozymes remains steadfast in its commitment to driving innovation in biosolutions and advocating for sustainable food choices. Vertera® ProBite stands as a testament to the company's dedication to making the transition to plant-based diets more accessible and enjoyable for consumers worldwide.

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Source: Novozymes


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