New Satellite Sensor Tracks CO2 at Industrial Sites

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KnowESG_New Satellite Sensor Tracks CO2 at Industrial Sites
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GHGStat has pioneered the launch of a groundbreaking satellite designed to precisely identify carbon dioxide emissions originating from specific industrial facilities.

Named Vanguard, this advanced carbon sensor distinguishes itself by its ability to focus on individual targets and attribute emissions—a capability absent in publicly orbiting CO2 satellites.

This initiative marks a significant stride forward, granting operators of steel mills, power plants, and petrochemical complexes unprecedented access to independent, accurate, and standardised emissions monitoring and data.

The Vanguard satellite not only provides an independent verification mechanism for continuous emissions monitoring systems but also contributes to precise reporting in the domains of environment, social, and governance (ESG), a facet increasingly crucial in contemporary business landscapes.

GHGStat, hailing from Canada, underscores the importance of its sensor and associated data in facilitating accurate ESG reporting, an aspect that has gained prominence among executives.

Despite its pivotal role, a KPMG survey reveals that only 25% of companies are adequately prepared for ESG reporting. This revelation aligns with the recent issuance of sustainability disclosure standards by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), which are anticipated to be universally adopted, compelling companies to adhere to impending ESG reporting requirements.

The deployment of Vanguard is part of GHGStat's broader vision to develop additional space instruments building on its expertise in monitoring methane emissions. The company's history includes the launch of the pioneer demonstrator satellite, Claire, in 2016. With its high-resolution technology capable of imaging down to 25 meters on the ground, Claire significantly expanded the understanding of man-made methane emissions.

Stephane Germain, CEO at GHGStat, emphasises the company's commitment to shifting the conversation around CO2, building on the success of its methane-focused initiatives. With a focus on meeting the rising demands for accountability from regulators, investors, and the public, GHGStat aims to leverage its trusted, independent data to incentivise industries to effectively manage their emissions.

GHGStat, boasting over 2 million facility measurements annually, operates both on and offshore. With nine satellites in its fleet, the company collaborates with prominent entities such as NASA, ESA, and the United Nations. Vanguard's launch took place at the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California via a SpaceX rocket.

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Source: GHGSat


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