Nano One and Umicore Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Battery Material Processing Technology

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Clean technology company Nano One Materials Corp. and circular materials technology company Umicore have signed a non-exclusive Joint Development Agreement (JDA) on production process technologies for lithium-ion batteries with cathode active materials (CAM).

Under the agreement, Umicore will look at Nano One's patented M2CAM® One-Pot process technology to see if it can be combined with Umicore's process technology to make high nickel NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) CAM.

With the agreement, both sides hope to use their technologies and know-how to speed up the production of CAM while cutting costs and reducing its impact on the environment.

Dr. Stephen Campbell, CTO of Nano One, said:

“With Umicore, we share a common goal to improve the environmental footprint, cost, and performance of lithium-ion batteries through materials and process innovation. We are in line with new global imperatives to make supply chains safe, strong, and long-lasting. We look forward to developing an enduring collaborative partnership with Umicore, building on our common strengths and combined know-how.”

Yves Van Rompaey, Senior Vice President Corporate Research and Development at Umicore, commented:

“Innovating for a sustainable future is at the core of our business, both through organic developments and by forging research partnerships or jointly developing technologies with third parties. Our development agreement with Nano One lets us study the viability of their technology, which has the potential and the goal of making CAM production even more environmentally friendly and cheaper. We look forward to fostering a collaborative working relationship with the Nano One team.”

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