Mytheresa, DHL Go Green with Sustainable Fuel

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DHL Express and Mytheresa, a leading luxury e-commerce platform, have joined forces in a five-year partnership to enhance sustainability through DHL's GoGreen Plus service.

This initiative focuses on reducing carbon emissions by opting for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) instead of traditional jet fuel.

Mytheresa plans to invest millions of euros in GoGreen Plus over the next five years, marking the largest investment in this service by a DHL Express customer in Europe.

The commitment underscores Mytheresa's dedication to long-term sustainability, with an expected reduction of over 27,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions from international shipments during this period.

The partnership makes Mytheresa the first and largest German e-commerce platform to invest significantly in SAF to make international deliveries more environmentally friendly. John Pearson, CEO of DHL, hopes this collaboration inspires others to support low-emission transport services using sustainable aviation fuel.

Mustafa Tonguç, Managing Director of DHL Express Germany, highlighted the longstanding partnership between Mytheresa and DHL Express since 2006.

Tonguç stressed the shared values beyond business, culminating in a milestone with the five-year GoGreen Plus agreement, showcasing their joint commitment to a better future.

Sebastian Dietzmann, COO of Mytheresa, emphasised the substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per order shipped through the unique long-term agreement with DHL Express on SAF usage.

This significant investment in DHL Express' GoGreen Plus programme reflects Mytheresa's strong commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, providing customers with a more sustainable shopping experience.

DHL Express introduced GoGreen Plus last year, utilising CO2-insetting and SAF to help customers lower the carbon footprint associated with their freight.

The programme is supported by major SAF contracts with bp, Neste, and World Energy, utilising alternative raw materials with sustainable energy profiles. This move aligns with DHL Group's broader goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, with a focus on sustainable air transportation solutions, given that approximately 90% of the company's carbon footprint originates from its air network.

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Source: DHL


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