Malaysian Car Company Paints Itself Green

Published on: 19 November 2022
by KnowESG
Green Volvo

Most people wouldn't think of fixing broken cars as having anything to do with climate change or sustainability. Federal Auto Cars Sdn Bhd claims to be able to repair cars in an environmentally friendly manner.

Volvo Car Malaysia recently gave it the go-ahead to begin operations as the first Volvo dealer to be certified as a Volvo-certified damage repair (VCDR) centre. The new VCDR centre is close to the company's flagship store in Glenmarie, Selangor.

Apart from delivering better after-sales service, these centres emphasise greener technology to promote sustainability through reduced energy usage and microscopic particle emissions.

VCDR centres provide more precision and efficiency because they invest in contemporary technology, equipment, processes, and staff training.

Federal Auto Holdings Bhd's chairman, Wong Fay Lee, said that the company's goal is to keep getting better so that Volvo customers can get great service and safe cars.

"In today's context, we place equal or more focus on climate sustainability in our company strategy and decisions." As a result, we support the VCDR concept because of its environmentally friendly equipment, as well as its efficient workflow and processes," she noted.

For example, VCDR is transitioning from traditional spray booths to ones that use technology to optimise, control, and monitor their process. When a paint job is running, it's supposed to take care of things like airflow, ventilation, and power use.

By using Swedish spray booth company PIVAB, energy costs go down, the air is recycled while being heated, smells are filtered out, and workflow goes up. This, in turn, increases output.

Federal Auto Cars is one of the older car companies in Malaysia. It started selling Volvo cars in 1960 and did so until 1999 when Volvo Car Corp. set up Volvo Car Malaysia as a separate company to handle sales and marketing.

Source: Daily Express

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