Luxaviation Takes Flight on Sustainability

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Luxaviation Group, a leading global operator of business jets and helicopters, announces exciting progress in their sustainability plan.

Their Paris Le Bourget Fixed Base Operator (FBO), under the ExecuJet brand, has begun offering Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) options. This comes after the FBO successfully switched to fully electric ground handling equipment, another big step towards greener aviation.

Following their commitment to sustainable air travel, Luxaviation allows customers to reduce their carbon footprint by using SAF at their Paris Le Bourget FBO. ExecuJet now offers a blend of up to 35% biofuel mixed with standard Jet A1 fuel. This biofuel is derived from used cooking oil, a renewable resource, and is refined using a safe and approved process.

Imagine a long-distance flight from Paris to Johannesburg on a Global 7500 using this 35% SAF blend. With this option, customers could reduce their CO2 emissions by roughly 20 tonnes! This example highlights the impact of SAF, a safe and compatible alternative fuel that aligns with Luxaviation's dedication to sustainable aviation practices.

Looking ahead, Luxaviation Group keeps searching for new technologies to improve efficiency and minimise their environmental footprint. Their Paris Le Bourget FBO uses state-of-the-art electronic handling equipment from Equivalent Airspeed (EAS), providing services like push back assistance, passenger boarding bridges, luggage belts, and more.

Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group, said: "As the industry aligns with global environmental goals and the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change, sustainability stands as a cornerstone of Luxaviation Group, paving the way for a more sustainable future in aviation. We strive to set new standards and inspire others to join us in embracing innovation to enhance corporate social responsibility.”

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