LONGi Modules Energise Largest Green Office Building

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KnowESG_LONGi Modules Energise Largest Green Office Building
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LONGi has partnered with URON Energy in India to supply its high-efficiency Hi-MO series modules to the Diamond Bourse located in Surat, a momentous step towards enhancing sustainability in what is recognised as the world's largest office building.

The Surat Diamond Bourse, spanning a colossal 7.1 million square feet, is renowned globally as the largest hub for diamond trading.

A focal point in the building's design is its commitment to sustainability, and by incorporating LONGi's cutting-edge technology, the establishment not only reduces its carbon impact but also secures a dependable source of renewable energy.

LONGi is equipping this venture with its advanced 535W Hi-MO series bifacial modules, renowned for their efficiency and reliability.

These modules are adept at harnessing sunlight reflected from nearby surfaces, resulting in a considerable boost in energy generation compared to conventional counterparts.

Established in 2000, LONGi is dedicated to being a global leader in solar technology, with a focus on creating customer-centric value to drive comprehensive energy transformation.

Guided by the mission of 'leveraging solar energy to construct a sustainable world,' LONGi has committed itself to pioneering technological innovations across five business sectors: mono silicon wafers, cells and modules; commercial and industrial distributed solar solutions; green energy solutions; and hydrogen equipment.

The company's expertise lies in delivering eco-friendly energy solutions, and it has more recently extended its portfolio to encompass green hydrogen products and solutions in support of worldwide zero-carbon initiatives. For more information, please visit www.longi.com.

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Source: LONGi


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