King Steel and Siemens Collaborate for Green Leadership in Taiwan

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Picture of King Steel and Siemens Collaborating for Green Leadership in Taiwan

In conjunction with industrial equipment supplier Ruhyih Automation, Taiwan King Steel Machinery Co. and German multinational conglomerate Siemens have joined forces to integrate digital twin technology into injection molding machines.

The agreement ensures energy and carbon reduction across the sector by adopting energy efficiency from the beginning of the manufacturing process. The three parties will use this agreement to propel Taiwan to the forefront of a global push for sustainable manufacturing.

Representatives from the three companies met at the 20th Taiwan-Germany Joint Business Council Meeting, which was attended by high-level officials from the economic ministries of both countries.

The signing of a tri-party collaboration agreement between Siemens Taiwan, King Steel, and Ruhyih Automation was the event's pivotal moment. It is not the first time the three manufacturing powerhouses have collaborated. They joined forces last year to promote Industry 4.0, each bringing their experience to the table.

It's difficult to imagine a more compatible trio. Siemens Taiwan has long advocated for Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and automation solutions. King Steel, a pioneer in the production of elastic foam forming machines, is dedicated to innovation and realising its mission of sustainable manufacturing in the shoe industry and beyond. Meanwhile, one of Siemens distributors, Ruhyih Automation, focuses on technical services and product development for the automatic control business.

The three global players have joined forces to represent Taiwan and Germany by supporting energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and information security, as well as continuing to promote the progress of ESG 4.0, a mix of ESG and Industrie 4.0.

Source: King Steel

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