Kelheim Showcases Sustainable Textiles at GFC

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Kelheim Fibres, a prominent producer of speciality viscose fibres, has announced the latest advancements at this year's Global Fibre Congress (GFC) in Dornbirn.

The primary focus lies on pioneering solutions that not only champion environmental sustainability but also bolster the resilience of the European supply chain.

In their presentation titled "Towards High-Performance Plant-Based AHP Products – A Collaborative Endeavour by Pelz and Kelheim Fibres," Dr. Ingo Bernt, the Project Leader for Fibre & Application Development at Kelheim Fibres, along with Dr. Henning Röttger, Head of Business Development at PelzGROUP, present their pioneering work on a plastic-free yet high-performance panty liner.

The hydrophobic Kelheim speciality fibre, Olea, plays a pivotal role in both the top and backsheet of this innovative product. This endeavour was inspired by the aspiration to provide eco-conscious alternatives to traditional disposable hygiene solutions while maintaining the highest product performance standards.

A similar ethos underpins the second project presented, with Kelheim Fibres taking a more ambitious stance. Under the banner "Performance Fibres Meet Sustainable Design – An Exemplary Reusable Baby Diaper," Natalie Wunder, Project Leader of Kelheim Fibres' New Business Development team, in collaboration with Caspar Böhme, Co-Founder of Sumo, introduced the SUMO diaper, a reusable and washable marvel.

Crafted from biobased materials and featuring a unique construction infused with Kelheim's speciality fibres, this combination delivers double the environmental benefits compared to conventional disposable baby diapers.

Both the panty liner and the SUMO diaper are exclusively manufactured within Europe, leading to reduced transportation distances and a diminished carbon footprint. Furthermore, these innovations make significant contributions towards strengthening the European textile and nonwoven industries by nurturing innovation within the continent.

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Source: Kelheim Fibres


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