Groundbreaking Deal for Sustainable Mining

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BHP Group Ltd

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Two of the biggest mining firms worldwide are collaborating to share information on common interests. BHP and Chile's state-owned Codelco signed their first-ever collaboration agreement, combining their expertise in innovative projects to enhance their operations' sustainability.

Codelco's CEO, Andre Sougarret, highlights the significance of producing copper sustainably to address climate change. He emphasises innovation as a key aspect of their management strategy and believes that partnerships with like-minded players, such as BHP, are crucial in developing new and innovative mining methods.

Codelco's current business strategy prioritises open innovation as a means to gather external capabilities from around the world. This includes collaborating with suppliers, research centres, universities, and companies like BHP that face similar challenges.

BHP Americas' president, Rag Udd, emphasises the importance of collaborative efforts to combat climate change. He acknowledges that decarbonisation and the energy transition cannot be achieved alone and highlights the significance of partnerships between the public and private sectors. Udd believes collaboration with Codelco is a vital step towards creating a more sustainable mining industry.

The agreement between Codelco and BHP focuses on addressing current challenges faced by the mining industry. These include developing technologies for the economic extraction of low-grade minerals, operating in deep deposits with complex metallurgical conditions, designing processes that minimise water usage and environmental impact, and utilising advanced technologies for mineral exploration.

The collaboration will last for five years and will be overseen by a steering committee and implemented by working groups comprising professionals from both companies.

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