Fujitsu Presents New Solutions to Drive Business Growth and Sustainable Outcomes for Retailers at NRF 2023

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Fujitsu will show its retail solutions for a changing world at NRF 2023, which is one of the best retail industry events in the world. Fujitsu's display will highlight technologies that help in three important ways: improving the customer experience, cutting costs, and making it easier to reach sustainability goals.

In a world that is always changing, retailers are looking for ways to deal with change. Fujitsu's solutions, which will be on display at NRF 2023 (Booth #4803) from January 15th to January 17th, 2023, reveal a new approach for retailers looking to align business challenges with their organisation's sustainability goals.

By 2030, Millennials and Generation Z are expected to make up the majority of people who are working age and the majority of people who buy things around the world. These consumers are highly conscious of the need for environmental protection, ethical company practices, and selecting experiences that reflect their personal needs and values as well as brand, price, and convenience.

To stay in business and do well in this new world, businesses need to re-evaluate their approach to customers and re-engineer their business processes and systems, which will lead to both business growth and sustainability.

Fujitsu's global offering development and execution is still based on the idea that it should help customers meet their SDG-related or sustainability-related business goals.

Fujitsu will show solutions at NRF 2023 that use AI, IoT, and blockchain to help shoppers test retailers' compliance with manufacturing and sourcing laws, improve warehouse picking time and effort for home delivery, monitor and reduce waste and energy consumption, and protect profits by stopping fraud across retail operations.

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Richard Clarke, Head of Global Sales, Consumer Industries at Fujitsu Limited, says: “At NRF 2023, Fujitsu’s mission is to demonstrate how we enable our clients and end consumers to benefit from change using a combination of composable technologies and services, delivering great experiences and sustainable business outcomes. I encourage all attendees to stop by our booth to see and learn about what is changing at Fujitsu this year.”

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