DSV Tests Zero-Emission Volta Zero on the Road

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KnowESG_DSV Tests Zero-Emission Volta Zero on the Road
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DSV has announced the commencement of an assessment of the groundbreaking 16-tonne all-electric medium-duty Volta Zero. This remarkable vehicle has set out from the Purfleet hub in the South, marking its inaugural journey.

The all-electric Volta Zero is set to revolutionise last-mile groupage deliveries in London and the Southeast, ushering in a safer and more sustainable era for urban centres.

Equipped with a battery capacity ranging from 150 to 225 kWh, depending on the configuration, the Volta Zero achieves an impressive real-world pure electric range of 95 to 125 miles on a single charge.

As a pioneering addition to the DSV fleet, the Volta Zero stands as a beacon of environmental friendliness, particularly beneficial in densely populated urban settings. Beyond its environmental impact, it significantly enhances safety for both drivers and the general public.

Positioned in a lowered central seat, the Volta Zero driver enjoys an expansive field of vision with 220-degree direct visibility and a comprehensive 360-degree bird's-eye camera perspective. The innovative sliding doors at the central seating position offer a secure way for the driver to access the pavement from either side of the vehicle, elevating safety for the operator, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.

The Volta Zero has made history by securing an unmatched rating under the Direct Vision Standard. Boasting a volumetric score of 32.82m³, this rating surpasses any previous vehicle test result and outperforms the closest competitor by an impressive 50%, with their rating standing at 22m³.

Introduced in 2021, the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) serves as a prerequisite for heavy goods vehicles seeking access to London's roads. It establishes minimum criteria for driver visibility for commercial vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes that wish to operate within the city.

As they accelerate their journey towards a more sustainable future, DSV remains steadfast in their commitment to sustaining supply chains while concurrently pursuing their long-term goal of decarbonising logistics.

As a prominent player in transport and logistics, DSV maintains a firm dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices across their operational domain. Recognising their pivotal role, they have heightened their sustainability aspirations, aiming to achieve net zero emissions across all operations by 2050.

John Hawksworth, Senior Director for road operations in the Domestic & Distribution sector, affirmed, "Our exploration into integrating Electric vehicles while maintaining service excellence has been ongoing, and Volta Trucks has presented us with the ideal solution. We're thrilled to be part of such a groundbreaking innovation in the industry and eagerly anticipate reaping its benefits in the forthcoming months. Building on the triumph of this trial, we foresee extending our fleet's electric footprint across the UK and beyond."

Chris Heddle, UK Sales Manager at Volta Trucks, added, "Witnessing the Volta Zero in action on UK roads through our Driving Experience Programme and observing DSV deploy it for everyday deliveries brings us immense satisfaction. Volta Trucks is resolutely focused on propelling urban centres towards sustainability, safety, and well-being. Our resolute commitment remains in expediting the electrification of the commercial transport sector."

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