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Deutsche Aircraft and Sasol ecoFT have further solidified their partnership in an effort to promote the use of 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), specifically 100% Power to Liquid (PtL), in regional aviation.

During the Paris Air Show 2023, the two companies signed a Letter of Intent (LOI), establishing that once sufficient production capacity is in place, Deutsche Aircraft's D328eco customers will have access to Sasol ecoFT's team of SAF experts.

Sasol ecoFT's objective is to offer SAF blends certified according to ASTM standards, with plans to eventually transition to 100% SAF as industry standards evolve. This approach aligns with Sasol ecoFT and Deutsche Aircraft's shared vision of providing scalable SAF options to the market while minimising environmental impact. Sasol ecoFT utilises Sasol's advanced Fischer-Tropsch proprietary technology and catalysts to produce sustainable fuels through the Power-to-X process.

Customers of Deutsche Aircraft's D328eco will now have the option to directly engage with Sasol ecoFT to explore the availability of SAF. The collaboration prioritises D328eco aircraft operators, recognising that SAF remains a limited resource. By establishing this arrangement, Deutsche Aircraft aims to support its customers in securing SAF and reducing their environmental footprint.

Dr. Regina Pouzolz, Head of Sustainability at Deutsche Aircraft, expressed her enthusiasm about the agreement with Sasol ecoFT, stating, "As Deutsche Aircraft, we take pride in being part of a sustainable aviation ecosystem. With our D328eco aircraft and the SAF supplied by our partner Sasol ecoFT, our customers can significantly reduce their CO2 emissions, enhance local air quality, and mitigate the climate impact of contrails. By providing demand certainty to investors and SAF producers, we are supporting the crucial ramp-up of SAF production to drive down costs."

Anastasija Visnakova, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, emphasised the unique opportunity that this agreement presents to Deutsche Aircraft's customers and future D328eco operators, enabling them to directly access SAF, including Power-to-Liquids, from Sasol ecoFT. She noted that regional airlines often lack access to the SAF market, and this partnership bridges that gap, bringing sustainable solutions to a market segment that plays a vital role in maintaining essential connectivity.

Helge Sachs, Senior Vice President of Sasol ecoFT, expressed the shared ambition of achieving climate-neutral aviation within this partnership. He described the agreement as a significant step in the right direction, supporting an often overlooked segment of the market with SAF. Sachs envisions a future where refuelling with SAF becomes as commonplace as using lead-free gasoline.

Marc Siegel, Senior Manager of Marketing & Sales at Sasol ecoFT, highlighted the importance of decarbonising the regional aviation sector and supporting remote locations and their small communities by providing essential services. He emphasised that the combination of the D328eco aircraft and SAF can make a meaningful impact at this level.

Power-to-Liquids offer a scalable and long-term solution for reducing aviation's climate impact and improving local air quality. These fuels are produced by combining green hydrogen with CO2 obtained from the air (through "Direct Air Capture"), biogenic sources, or industrial point sources.

The production process can be designed to match the properties of conventional kerosene, including high energy density, verified safety, and compatibility with established infrastructure.

Additionally, these fuels are naturally free of aromatics and sulfur, resulting in reduced contrails and improved local air quality. Deutsche Aircraft aims to prepare the D328eco for 100% Power-to-Liquids that contain zero aromatics.

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Source: Deutsche Aircraft


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