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Continental has introduced the UltraContact NXT, its most sustainable series tyre to date. Incorporating up to 65 per cent renewable, recycled, and mass balance certified materials, it offers an exceptional combination of sustainability, safety, and performance.

This groundbreaking tyre sets a new industry standard, as Continental becomes the first manufacturer to achieve a high share of sustainable materials while maintaining maximum EU tire-label performance in volume production.

All 19 available sizes boast the highest rating ("A") on the EU tyre label for rolling resistance, wet braking, and exterior noise. Starting in July, the UltraContact NXT will be accessible to tire dealers across Europe.

Ferdinand Hoyos, Head of Continental's Business Area Replacement Tyres EMEA, emphasises the company's commitment to safety, performance, and sustainability, stating that the UltraContact NXT represents a significant leap forward and showcases its technological leadership. The tyre pushes sustainability to new heights while delivering impressive performance.

The UltraContact NXT uses a varying percentage of renewable, recycled, and mass balance certified materials, depending on the tire size. Renewable materials, comprising up to 32 per cent, include bio-based silica derived from agricultural waste such as rice husks, which enhances grip and reduces rolling resistance.

Natural rubber remains a key material, contributing to the tyre's strength and durability. Additionally, up to five per cent of the tyre consists of recycled rubber and recycled steel, denoted by a special logo on the sidewall. Continental's innovative ContiRe.Tex technology is incorporated, utilising recycled PET bottles to produce high-performance polyester fibres for reinforcing the tire carcass.

Continental's adoption of ISCC PLUS mass balance certified materials accounts for up to 28 per cent of the UltraContact NXT's composition. These materials encompass sustainable synthetic rubber and carbon black derived from bio-based, bio-circular, and circular feedstock. The ISCC PLUS certification ensures transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, verifying compliance with sustainable criteria.

Continental's tyre production aims for complete circularity by 2050, and it strives to achieve over 40 per cent renewable and recycled content in its tyres by 2030. The UltraContact NXT represents a significant step towards these ambitious sustainability goals, aligning with its Vision 2030 strategy programme.

The UltraContact NXT, an extension of the successful UltraContact family, offers compatibility with various car models, including electric and combustion engines. With its EV Compatible logo, this eco-friendly tire provides optimal efficiency and mileage performance. Popular vehicles such as the Kia Niro, VW ID.3, Mercedes-Benz EQA, Tesla Model 3, Audi Q4 E-TRON, Skoda Octavia, VW Golf 8, Audi A3, and more are compatible with the UltraContact NXT.

Continental continues to prioritise innovation and sustainability across its entire value chain, from sourcing materials to tyre recycling, as it strives to become the most progressive tyre manufacturer.

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