Celonis Streamlines Scope 3 Emissions Reporting

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Celonis, a globally renowned leader in Process Mining, unveiled its innovative Material Emissions App at Celosphere.

This app simplifies the continuous measurement, reporting, and reduction of Scope 3 emissions in procurement for customers.

Featuring automated material mapping to enhance data accuracy and minimise human errors, it serves as a unified solution for automated and consolidated measurement with recommended actions.

This ensures a comprehensive evaluation of Scope 3 emissions sources, enabling sustainability and procurement leaders to discover shared solutions aligned with both financial and sustainability objectives.

Organisations face significant pressure to meet sustainability targets, driven by increasing regulatory demands for reporting and carbon reduction globally. The recently introduced Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, for example, mandates public and private companies in California with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions from 2026 onwards.

Janina Bauer, Global Head of Sustainability at Celonis, emphasises the urgency to exceed critical sustainability and business performance metrics across the supply chain. Celonis aims to integrate sustainability practices into everyday business processes, and the Material Emissions App bridges the gap between sustainability and procurement teams, facilitating collaboration and empowering them to manage complexity and reduce Scope 3 emissions.

Tobias Hartmann, Head of ESG Reporting & Ratings at Heidelberg Materials, notes that Celonis can assist with granular, continuous emissions measurement, identifying reduction opportunities, and tracking progress against reduction targets.

Alexander Carls, Director of Procurement at Dürr, states that their objective is to measure and systematically reduce emissions within the supply chain. A co-innovation project with Celonis, Climatiq, and Dürr has produced rapid results, with a prototype already in operation and rollout to the organisation planned for early 2024.

To drive sustainable purchasing decisions and reduce Scope 3 emissions, the Material Emissions App enables organisations to:

  • Accurately measure emissions from procured goods and services using a predefined mapping from Celonis partner Climatiq’s Carbon Intelligence Engine.

  • Continuously track material emissions, take targeted actions, and progress toward environmental goals.

  • Assess opportunities to reduce Scope 3 emissions by leveraging the Celonis platform, which proactively recommends ways to achieve sustainability goals without compromising supply chain performance metrics.

The Material Emissions App complements Celonis’ existing sustainability solutions, helping companies measure and reduce their carbon impact while achieving sustainability goals without compromising key supply chain performance metrics.

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Source: Celonis


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