Celanese and Under Armour Develop Neolast™ Fibre

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KnowESG_Celanese and Under Armour Develop Neolast™ Fibre
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Celanese Corporation and Under Armour, Inc. have joined forces to create a new fibre for stretchy fabrics called NEOLAST™.

This fibre provides an eco-friendly alternative to elastane (spandex), which is commonly used for stretch in clothes but is not easy to recycle.

NEOLAST™ fibres offer the same stretchiness, durability, and comfort as elastane but are made differently to be more sustainable. They are produced without using harmful chemicals and can be recycled. This is a big step forward in making stretchy clothes more environmentally friendly.

Celanese is bringing its expertise in making materials, while Under Armour is focused on creating better products for athletes and the planet. Together, they are aiming to make NEOLAST™ a game-changer in the textile industry.

Aside from being eco-friendly, NEOLAST™ fibres also allow for more precise production, meaning manufacturers can adjust the stretchiness of fabrics to meet different needs.

In addition to working with Under Armour, Celanese plans to make NEOLAST™ fibres available to other clothing brands, which could reduce the need for elastane in the future. To find out more, visit www.neolastfibers.com.

“Working with a leading global brand like Under Armour to elevate the performance and sustainability benefits of their products is just the first of many great things we hope to accomplish with this innovative NEOLAST™ technology,” said Tom Kelly, Celanese senior vice president, Engineered Materials. “Celanese is proud to bring its polymer expertise and technical know-how to help manufacture NEOLAST™ fibres for textiles and fabrics to meet the specific needs of our customers and other value chain partners. We are just beginning to unlock its potential and look forward to what’s ahead as we explore other opportunities with end users.”

“This new NEOLAST™ fibre represents a transformative innovation for Under Armour and the textile industry, embodying our commitment to building better products for our consumers and planet,” said Kyle Blakely, senior vice president of innovation at Under Armour. "Through performance-driven sustainability and innovation, we look forward to helping athletes play at the top of their game as we work with Celanese to realise this new fibre’s potential to forge a path toward circularity.”

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