Biffa to Switch Diesel Trucks to Electric

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Biffa has teamed up with Lunaz, a vehicle electrification and upcycling firm, to replace the diesel engines in its trucks with electric alternatives.

Lunaz has pledged to aid Biffa in its shift towards cleaner air by signing a fleet electrification and upcycling agreement, which involves replacing the diesel refuse trucks with clean-air electric powertrains using its proprietary upcycling and electrification technology over the next ten years.

Biffa states that the partnership with Lunaz aims to upcycle older vehicles instead of scrapping them during the transition to zero-emissions powertrains. The two UK-based companies are collaborating to find an innovative solution for transitioning large vehicles to electric powertrains and reducing emissions to address climate change.

Lunaz anticipates delivering a growing number of vehicles to Biffa over the medium term under the multi-year production programme. The initial order for up to ten 26-tonne Upcycled Electric Vehicle (UEV) refuse trucks is expected to save up to 210 tonnes in embedded carbon.

Biffa reveals that Lunaz’s facility in Silverstone, England, can up-cycle over 1,110 industrial vehicles annually. Lunaz has also pledged to expand its UK up-cycling and electrification capacity to meet the growing demand for electrified vehicles in anticipation of the 2030 ban on the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles.

Biffa plans to start operating Lunaz's UEV refuse trucks on UK waste collection routes in 2023, following technical trials and due diligence. The vehicles will be used for both commercial and municipal waste collection routes, and their procurement is expected to save more than £1 million in public money for every 20 vehicles upcycled and electrified.

Lunaz CEO David Lorenz expressed pride in the partnership with Biffa, stating that Biffa has been a pioneer in sustainable waste management practices in the UK. He praised Biffa's commitment to transitioning to a net-zero waste management industry and said that Lunaz is proud to assist in this goal through its upcycling process. Lorenz also highlighted the economic and ecological benefits of upcycling older vehicles and working towards reducing global emissions.

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