Axalta Rolls Out Sustainable Digital Paint Technology

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KnowESG_Axalta Rolls Out Sustainable Digital Paint Technology
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Axalta, a renowned global coatings company, has forged a collaborative alliance with Xaar, a leading innovator in drop-on-demand inkjet technologies.

This partnership marks the introduction of Axalta NextJet™, an innovative and eco-friendly digital paint technology designed for the transportation sector's future needs.

Unveiling a novel frontier in paint application, Axalta NextJet™, also termed as overspray-free application, ushers in a realm of precision in paint placement.

This pioneering advancement, born from the synergy between Axalta and Xaar's patented technologies, empowers unparalleled design flexibility for two-tonne vehicles. It provides customers with the ability to craft intricate patterns, details, and imagery, all while upholding sustainability principles.

Garnering accolades for its ingenuity, this digital paint coating innovation eliminates the need for masking, thereby curbing labour, energy, and waste.

This transformative approach simultaneously elevates productivity and efficiency rates, potentially leading to a remarkable 30% reduction in CO2 emissions. Such strides in sustainability bear the promise of substantial cost savings for manufacturers of two-tonne vehicles.

Hadi Awada, Senior Vice President of Mobility for Axalta, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are delighted to unveil our collaboration with Xaar and present Axalta NextJet™ to the world. This breakthrough is underpinned by Xaar's cutting-edge inkjet technology, seamlessly integrated with our exclusive jetting-oriented paint formula. This distinctive offering underscores Axalta's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of research and development in the realm of digital paint."

Graham Tweedale, Chief Operating Officer of Xaar, chimed in, "Axalta swiftly recognised the unparalleled potential of Xaar's technology to fuel their innovation journey, harnessing our printhead's capacity to manage fluids of viscosities that traditionally lie beyond the scope of inkjet capabilities. Together, we not only meet the demands of productivity, but we also transcend them significantly."

Axalta NextJet™ stands as a trailblazing collaboration, marking the convergence of an inkjet printhead manufacturer and a coatings industry leader. This harmonised technological solution is undergoing customer trials and could potentially enter production as early as 2024. The dawn of Axalta NextJet™ signals a new era in sustainable and precision-driven paint application, destined to redefine the transportation industry's landscape.

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